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Ocean park faq

The shark feeding occurs as part of every guided tour around the aquarium. Information on the guided tours can be found here.

Ocean Park is an aquarium experience like no other! All of the tour guides are qualified marine biologists that are passionate about their jobs and the animals in their care.

The aquarium has no directional signage and is designed so we can show you the animals, feed them, explain a little about their lives and answer all of your questions.

The #1 feedback we get from past customers is that the best part of the aquarium is the tour guides – their passion and knowledge. We ask that you stay with your tour guide for a least a full rotation, and then you are welcome to leave the tour and explore the aquarium yourself for the rest of the day.

You sure can! Our aquarium is mostly outside and our restaurant is on the balcony. Your pets are more than welcome as long as you clean up after them and keep them on the lead, wouldn’t want them jumping in to any enclosures!

Dolphins and dugongs are highly sensitive marine mammals that live in complex social groups. These animals are not suited to a life in captivity. For this reason, it is illegal to hold dolphins and dugongs in aquariums in Western Australia. You can see wild dolphins and dugongs in their natural habitat from the Oceans Restaurant deck or at the Monkey Mia Dolphin Experience, and dugongs on a wildlife sailing cruise in the Shark Bay Marine Park.

Great white sharks historically do not survive in captive aquarium situations. Tagged sharks have shown that these animals travel thousands of kilometres around the world, and for many reasons do not adapt to changes in feeding and surrounds. Monterey Bay Aquarium in California has had one of the most successful cases of a white shark in captivity – 10 days, before being forced to release the shark as it refused to feed.

The foods that tour guides feed the fish are specially formulated aquaculture pellets. They are not rated for human consumption and we find it safer for little fingers and tummies to take the temptation away.

Ocean Park only has turtles that are sick or injured, and come to our facility for rehabilitation. Once the turtles have been rehabilitated we release them back to the wild. These turtles stay with us for 6 months – 5 years and general these visits overlap so you can meet our rehabilitated turtles at the aquarium. In the rare times that there are no turtles at the aquarium, that means that there have been none that need our help!

shark bay 4x4 faq

We definitely do – we run a full restaurant at the aquarium so have a large range and try our best to cater for everyone

The majority of our tours do. Please read the tour information on the 4wd tours below. http://www.sharkbay4wd/4wd-tours/

All gear is provided for our 4×4 tours so just yourself and a smile! This includes snorkel gear for the tours where you will have the opportunity to go in the water.

We do offer collection for our 4×4 tours. For more specifics and potential additional costs please check out our 4×4 tour page below.  http://www.sharkbay4wd/4wd-tours/

shark bay dive & marine safaris faq

We definitely do – we run a full restaurant at the aquarium so have a large range and try our best to cater for everyone

Steep Point and Dirk Hartog Island marine safari, Dive Shark Bay
morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, water, soft drink and hot drinks are included

Morning wildlife cruise, sunset wildlife cruise, Pearl farm and shallows tour
BYO snacks and drinks

Dirk Hartog Island 4WD
Morning tea, hot drinks and water

We recommend if you haven’t been diving in a year you take a refresher course, which we offer

Steep Point and Dirk Hartog Island marine safari, Dive tour
Bathers, towel, reusable water bottle, shoes you don’t mind getting wet (thongs are fine), sun and wind protection camera
Morning wildlife cruise, sunset wildlife cruise, Pearl farm and shallows tour,

Dirk Hartog Island 4WD tour
Sun and wind protection, water bottle, snacks if you think you will need them, sometimes you can get wet up to mid shin so dress appropriately

For the marine safari all snorkelling gear is provided as long as you supply your sizes
For the Dive tour tanks and weights are always supplied and all other gear can be rented for a cost of $30.00 and includes 5mm wetsuits, regulators with integrated computers, BCD, fins and mask and snorkels

Unfortunately at this time we do not

It is all dependant on the time of year, weather conditions and what the animals are doing. Our staff will try our absolute hardest to spot animals for you and get you seeing the big 5 of Shark Bay – Dolphins, Rays, Turtles, Dugongs and Sharks! We unfortunately do not offer refunds for not seeing animals.
Shark Bay marine park is awesome in that it has a mix of both tropical and temperate species to choose from!

Depth- Maximum depth 18m
Vis – dependant on the time of year but averages around 10m
Water temp – ranges from 20-29 degrees C

Unfortunately we do not offer collection – but in the off chance our cars aren’t being used for a 4WD tour we might be able to and will for a fee. You meet us at the Denham commercial jetty for all boat tours, or at the Monkey Mia jetty for the pearl farm tour

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