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Open 7 Days 9am - 5pm


Eco-Friendly. Harnessing the Power of Nature to be 100% Self Sufficient

Proudly eco-friendly, Ocean Park utilises innovative design and the latest in technologies to maintain the park’s facilities and aquaria. Through our eco-friendly initiatives, we hope to reduce our impact on the local environment, reduce greenhouse gas emissions that lead to climate change, and educate our guests on how to do all this in their own homes!


Harnessing the energy of the sun, the park is powered by one of the largest private solar installations in Western Australia. Generating 273 kilowatt hours each day, the installation powers the parks lighting and pump systems, as well as a reverse osmosis desalination unit for generating fresh water. The $1.2million solar power installation was privately funded by the owners of Ocean Park and secured with a loan through Keystart Country Housing Authority. Part of the cost is rebated through the Remote Area Power Scheme.

A windmill is used to prime pumps and also act as a giant vacuum cleaner for the display ponds. Energy-efficient fridges and freezers consume 65% less power than conventional units and technologically efficient pumps and filters reduce energy use.


Water at Ocean Park is sourced in two ways – rainwater and desalinated water. Rainwater is collected from all roof surfaces and stored in bulk water storage tanks which provide us with approximately half of our annual water usage. To save water, reduced flow taps, shower heads and waterless urinals are installed at the restaurant and caretakers quarters.

Dishwashers and washing machines are selected for their low water ratings, and then used on the most efficient settings. The garden is wherever possible native, and other plants are selected for their low water requirement, such as yukkas, dracaenas and bougainvillea. The gardens are mulched and watered at early morning or late evening to reduce evaporation. A desalination plant operates when levels of stored rainwater are depleted.


A wind turbine is installed on the property and a conventional windmill pumps water around aquaria and acts as a vacuum cleaner for the display ponds.

Waste management

Unfortunately Shark Bay council does not maintain a local recycling system. However Ocean Park does its best by separating paper and cardboard and organic kitchen waste which is then used in composting for our gardens.

We use biodegradable items wherever possible and have designed some groovy Ocean Park travel cups, metal water bottles and coffee mugs so visitors can reduce waste while they travel around WA!

If you would like any more information on eco-friendly tourism or ways to reduce waste and save water in your home, please visit EcoTourism Australia, Western Power, and the Water Corporation’s websites.

Industry standard Our approach
Water drained and refilled periodically,wasting water and energy in pumps to refill Imitate natural cycle with evaporation, biofiltration with local beach sands, microbes, algae and invertebrates
 Heat or cool water temperatures with electricity  Water temperature maintained by geothermal power- a deep well to water a constant 22 °C
 Import animals from around the world for display aquariums and change the local water parameters to suit (temp, pH, DO etc)  Only animals from Shark Bay, so are used to local water parameters- no manipulation required, saving energy in heaters, chemical filters
 Aquariums inside buildings with air-conditioning, water chillers and 1000kW lighting  Aquariums outside or under roofs with brushwood walls, allowing air circulation and natural lighting with LEDs (also don’t produce as much heat)
 Electric powered wave generator or similar on a protein skimmer to filter out dissolved organic carbon and waste  Position protein skimmer at north end of ponds to make use of 30n southerly winds that blow 90% of the year

Ocean Park's Renewable Energy

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Ocean Park is situated 8km south of Denham and approximately 30km from Monkey Mia on Shark Bay Road. Located on Western Australia’s rugged and spectacular west coast, Ocean Park is nearly the most western most point of Australia.

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