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Open 7 Days 9am - 5pm

Rental Gear


For Certified Divers

Certified divers are able to hire SCUBA and snorkelling gear from Ocean Park. A dive certification card must be shown when hiring SCUBA gear and credit card details must be provided when hiring any gear. Rates are as follows:

Item 24hr 48hr Weekly
Regulator $25.00 $37.50 $75.00
BCD $25.00 $37.50 $75.00
Cylinder $25.00 $37.50 $75.00
Wetsuit $15.00 $22.50 $45.00
Weight belt $15.00 $22.50 $45.00
Fins and boots $15.00 $22.50 $45.00
Mask and snorkel $15.00 $22.50 $45.00
SCUBA Unit (Reg, BCD, Cylinder) $60.00 $90.00 $180.00
Full Kit (All of the above) $80.00 $120.00 $240.00

In Australia all scuba cylinders are required to be hydrostatically tested every twelve months. The cylinder is then stamped around the neck area indicating the month and year it was tested along with the test station number. If the cylinder does not have a current test stamp, it will not, and should not, be filled.


Cylinder fills $15
See table for all other pricing
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Ocean Park is situated 8km south of Denham and approximately 30km from Monkey Mia on Shark Bay Road. Located on Western Australia’s rugged and spectacular west coast, Ocean Park is nearly the most western most point of Australia.

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