Ocean Park

Turtle Rehabilitation Update

There are currently 2 marine turtles in for rehabilitation at Ocean Park.

Donatello, a ~2 year old loggerhead turtle was rescued after washing down to Denmark in the strong Leeuwin Current, where the cooler inshore currents could kill a small turtle. Donatello is feeding well and loves cruising around the rehabilitation tank during aquarium tours, looking for food in visitors hands! Donatello will be released after he regains some lost weight, and has increased in size to increase his chances of survival.

Alfred is a ~12-15 year old green sea turtle and was rescued from a beach approximately 10km north from the Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort. Alfred had become entangled in an abandoned fish trap which amputated his left front flipper. The resulting infection left Alfred positively buoyant, inhibiting his ability to dive and feed. After minor surgery and treatment for infection, Alfred is recovering at Ocean Park and will be released when he has returned to a healthy weight.

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