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Dirk Hartog Island 4WD Tours 4WD Tours From $275

Dirk Hartog Island

Dirk Hartog Island was the location of the first European landing on Australian soil. In 1616, Dirk Hartog landed at Cape Inscription at the north end of the island and left behind a pewter plate from the ship, hammered flat and inscribed with the date and details of his visit.

In 1697, Willem de Vlamingh landed at Cape Inscription and found the plate, copying the details from it to one of his own, adding another message and leaving it on another post.

The island has been used as a pastoral station at times. The island lies within the Shark Bay World Heritage area and is a popular ecotourism destination to view the annual whale migration and volunteer monitoring the nesting loggerhead turtles that return to Turtle Bay to lay up to 150 eggs each between November and February each year.

A lighthouse is situated on the island’s northernmost point. This is also the sight of the pewter plates left by the early Dutch explorers, inscribed with their landing dates, hence the point’s name, Cape Inscription.

With the little human interaction with the island, this place is one of Shark Bay’s best-known secrets, and notoriously one of the hardest to reach!

Half Day Tour

This is our most popular and accessible tour to Dirk Hartog Island, one of Australia’s most historic and pristine attractions.

Join us for a half day 4WD tour and experience the natural beauty of one of Australia’s most historic and pristine attractions—Dirk Hartog Island. Your day includes comfortable boat transfers to and from the island and a 4WD experience you won’t forget!

Visit Surf Point to for look sharks schooling in the shallows. View Steep Point across South Passage and the magnificent Zuytdorp cliffs. Watch the Blowholes create rainbows of Indian Ocean spray. Enjoy a delicious homemade morning tea* and a tour of the historic Homestead before cruising back to Denham looking out for sharks, turtles, dolphins and dugongs on the way!

Please Note – We do NOT visit Cape Inscription on our half day tour. Please wear shoes, sandals or thongs that are easy to take off and put on as you will have to remove them and step into ankle deep water when we reach Dirk Hartog Island.


Dirk Hartog Island – Half Day Tour
$275 Adults
$225 Children 16 under

Minimum numbers of 4 required
Meet at Denham commercial jetty 15 minutes prior to departure
Tour runs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8am—1pm

Full Day Tour

Join us for an exciting day on Dirk Hartog Island!

The day starts at 7:00am with a complimentary transfer from your accommodation to Denham airport. From here you will take a scenic flight to Dirk Hartog Island where your tour guide will meet you and take you on an adventure!

First we will cater for the growling stomach and take you to a picturesque beach to have morning tea. Real filter coffee or tea will get you going and some pastry will provide the energy for the morning activities. If the weather allows we will take you snorkeling over pristine coral reef straight off the beach.

Then the 4WD track will take us to Dampier’s landing, where in 1699 the first Englishman set foot on Australian soil. After a short walk along the beach we will keep driving to Turtle Bay, Australia’s largest loggerhead turtle rookery. Be amazed by the crystal blue water, the stunning cliffs and also witness the site where Dirk Hartog came ashore in 1616 and became the first European explorer to land in Australia.

We will provide lunch at the lighthouse keeper’s quarters, a historic building constructed 100 years ago. Learn about the amazing construction effort required to build the lighthouse, enjoy the stunning views and spot wildlife on land and sea. In season you can see whales, manta rays and dolphins as well as an abundance of of bird life.

We will finish our stay with a swim in a picturesque rock pool. Then it is time to head back to the airstrip. Your pilot will be waiting at 5:00pm and will safely fly you back to Denham.


Dirk Hartog Island – 1 Day Tour up to 4 people
$3,000 total
Price includes all tour passengers, transfers, food and non-alcoholic drinks

2 Day/1 Night Tour up to 4 people

All the activities of the 1 Day Tour, but also including:

We head to the Block to wander along the cliffs. See the evidence of the massive tsunamis and earthquakes that formed this part of Australia.

Another short drive will take you to Mystery Beach. The site of a mysterious shipwreck that was suspected but never found. On a coastline of cliffs this is the only beach and collects all sorts of driftwood, flotsam and jetsam. Go for a beach comb and you never know what you’re going to find – precious and ancient flasks, beautiful shells or even fishing equipment. Before we head to our camp, we will have some afternoon tea.

We’ll spend the night at Charlie’s harbor where you can sit back and relax as you watch the sunset whilst your tour guide cooks you a delicious dinner. Feel free to BYO your favourite beer or wine.

The next morning we will take it easy with some coffee and a continental breakfast. After we break down camp we will go to explore the impressive cliffs around Quoin Head before tracking back towards the island homestead. If their operations allow, your tour guide will explain the shearing shed and the old farming practices of Dirk Hartog island station.

Lunch will be served at the homestead’s beach or Louisa Bay. We will then spend the afternoon at Surf Point. This sanctuary zone at the Southwest corner of the island is an idyllic location for a swim or a snorkel. If the swell is high enough, the blowholes are worth seeing too. These are the largest in Western Australia, shooting water up 100ft high!

Then it is your choice of taking a plane back to the mainland at extra cost or taking the drive back around to Denham. For this we will need to allow 3.5 hours after the barge drops us at Shelter Bay on the mainland.


Dirk Hartog Island – 2 Day/1 Night Tour up to 4 people
$5,800 total
Price includes all tour passengers, transfers, food, non-alcoholic drinks, bedding and camping gear

3 Day/2 Night Tour up to 4 people

All the activities of the 2 Day Tour, but also including:

We cross South Passage over to the mainland and will set up camp in the proposed National Park Edel Land. From there we will explore the most Westerly point of the Australian mainland, Steep Point.

Your tour guide will show you the famous Zuytdorp Cliffs and explain the Dutch history and significance of the area. Other famous sights are Thunder Bay, the blowholes, the pristine beach of Crayfish Bay and False Entrance.

Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea will be provided and the whole trip will end around 6:00pm in Denham.


Dirk Hartog Island – 3 Day/2 Night Tour up to 4 people
$7,000 total
Price includes all tour passengers, transfers, food, non-alcoholic drinks, bedding and camping gear

All tours are priced per tour, irrespective of number of guests (up to the guest limit). Tours include all passengers, transfers, food, non-alcoholic drinks, bedding and camping gear.

Please contact us for information regarding availability


Half Day Dirk Hartog 4WD Tour $275 Adults
$225 Kids under 16
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