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Offering you the chance to see some of Australia’s most amazing marine life in their natural habitat, Ocean Park Aquarium is home to some of the region’s most diverse and dangerous residents including the infamous stone fish, sea snakes and turtles. All the animals within the displays come from Shark Bay, so before you go exploring the natural world on your own, stop in at Ocean Park to learn about the creatures of the region and where you can find them!

Overlooking the Western Gulf of the Shark Bay Marine Park, the aquarium provides you with a personal insight into the unique Shark Bay World Heritage environment, and enables you to enjoy this once in a lifetime experience in complete comfort and safety.

A display of raw beauty, the Ocean Park Oceanarium is completely natural and has no artificial lights, no artificial filtration and no artificial effects.


Ocean Park Oceanarium

Tel: +61 8 9948 1765
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